Buy Finesse GVH for Biological Restoration

Hands holding dirt with earthworms to show cycle replicated when you buy Finesse GVH

Something that has been known by those in the industry for decades but is just being recognized by homeowners and non-professionals is that more often than not, the problem with your grass is your soil. Irrigation trouble? The answer is compacted soil. Diseases killing off your lawn? A weak soil microbiome is probably to blame. Just as what we eat affects our health, what our plants grow in affects their hardiness and strength. An unhealthy soil means unhealthy lawns and trees. For soils that are suffering from an unbalanced biology, buy Finesse GVH to transform your soil into a healthy ecosystem almost overnight.

Finesse GVH Replicates Nutrient Boost from Fallen Leaves

Buy Finesse GVH to replace biological matter lost when we remove these dead leaves from our lawn

In a natural environment, leaves fall off trees in autumn and remain on the ground. Organisms like earthworms then help to break down this organic matter and incorporate it into the soil. This provides the soil with much needed nutrients. Unfortunately, it has become common practice for homeowners to remove all the leaves from their lawn eliminating that nutrient boost. When it comes to nature, sometimes it is best to leave it alone and let it do what it does best. Luckily, when you buy Finesse GVH from organic gardening suppliers like Tech Terra Environmental you are replicating that nourishment and restoring the biological balance and helping to stabilize the pH of the soil. It is crammed with organic carbon. This is beneficial because it nourishes earthworms and stimulates the natural cycle that would be started with leaf fall.

Buy Finesse GVH to Improve Aeration

Normally, manual aeration is a necessary procedure in suburbia. This is necessary due to our bad habits like cleaning up our leaves. When we remove leaves, sticks, and other natural material from our lawns, we also remove it from our soil. This in turn, eliminates the nutrients from being available to turf and trees. It also erases the presence of advantageous living things like earthworms and beneficial fungus. These things help keep soil porous and brimming with organisms. Without them, soil becomes compacted and devoid of life. Decreased water irrigation can leave the top level of soil soggy and the bottom dehydrated. With Finesse GVH granular worm castings, the balance in the soil is restored by replicating the process that earthworms carry out. Plus, it’s done without you having to put on those silly aeration sandals or rent and push around a heavy, bulky aerator.

Benefits of the Ingredients

Healthy soil doesn’t require manual aeration because everything is in balance and processes like that occur on their own. Worm castings are chock full of refined nutrients and elements that are primed and ready to be absorbed by fauna. Finesse GVH ingredients are listed as:

  •             Organic biological composts
  •             Organic carbon and Polysaccharide complex
  •             Organic hydroxycarboxylic acids
  •             Soluble humate extract

What’s not included? Animal manure. The combination of ingredients allows those who buy Finesse GVH to mimic healthy soil in their yards and gardens. Worm castings help to aerate soil, can hold three times their weight in water eliminating the threat of drought, prevents diseases caused by harmful bacteria, and act as a natural pest deterrent. You might assume something with this many benefits is dangerous to be around. In this case, you’d be wrong. Finesse GVH is safe for use around people and pets with no restrictions.

Buy Finesse GVH to Restore Your Soil’s Health

Finesse GVH isn’t a fertilizer and it isn’t simply a soil amendment. Rather, it is a biological restoration amendment. In our gut and digestive system, when you restore the biological balance, things run better. Similarly, in soil, when you replenish biological organisms lost when we do our garden clean-ups, plants and lawns become healthier and more robust. It requires little active intervention as it performs coreless aeration while bringing back much needed life to the soil. No one does anything better than nature. When you buy Finesse GVH, you are buying a little bit of the forest floor. The blend of ingredients and biology aspires to imitate the natural cycles that occur in nature when humans don’t intervene.

Hands holding dirt with earthworms to show cycle replicated when you buy Finesse GVH

When leaves fall to the ground, the decomposition and processing of this material is essential to the health of the soil. Homeowners love to remove leaves. This eliminates this beneficial cycle. Buy Finesse GVH to restore the biological balance in your soil and watch your lawn flourish.

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