Duct Cleaning in Lacey

duct cleaning in lacey

Ductwork is the system of metal or synthetic tubes or shafts that transfer heat or air-conditioned air through your home. It is important to keep your ductwork clean and well maintained so that your HVAC system can continue to run efficiently.  A clean ductwork system also helps protect all people in your household from allergies and respiratory issues. While it is not necessary to have your ducts cleaned every year, it is crucial to have them inspected each year.  When it is determined that you do require duct cleaning in Lacey, make sure you hire an experienced professional company.  Not all duct cleaning services are created equal. 

How Often do you Need Duct Cleaning

An annual inspection of your ductwork is best.  However, cleaning out your ducts every year is not.  A yearly inspection will help to identify areas that are causing or may begin to cause problems for your home. If you notice that your energy bills are starting to increase even if there have been no changes in your routine, you may have a leak in your ducts. Making sure that a qualified technician is inspecting your ductwork every year should help to keep those problems in check. 

It is necessary to have duct cleaning Lacey done when it is determined that there is a blockage or airflow is impeded through your ducts in any way.  When air is not able to flow freely and properly through your ductwork, you may be allowing toxic carbon monoxide to leak into your home.  Clean ductwork efficiently removes this dangerous gas from your home.  However, when the ducts or vents are obstructed, carbon monoxide is not able to be properly vented from your home. 

There are certain other indications to look for that will tell you it may be time to have your ductwork cleaned.  Odors or an excessive amount of dust or debris coming from your registers is one indicator. Some dust on your registers is normal, but if you witness particles being blown out of the vents, then it may be time for a good cleaning. The presence of vermin infestations could also signify the need for duct cleaning. An exorbitant amount of mold growth on the inside of your ducts or on the parts of your HVAC system and atypical allergies or respiratory issues being experienced by household members are also signals that it’s time to call in the professionals.

What to Expect

Duct cleaning in Lacey, technician shown wearing mask and gloves operating duct vacuum

The first step of duct cleaning in Lacey is a thorough inspection.  The technician should check for any materials that may contain asbestos in the system.  If any asbestos is detected, all work should be stopped immediately and the appropriate contractor should be called to schedule the removal of the material.  Under no circumstances should any work be conducted in or around asbestos-containing material. 

All dirt and debris inside the ductwork will be loosened for removal with brushes and other specific equipment.  A vacuum will remove all the discharge from the ductwork.  After all the dirt is removed, a complete cleaning should also be done.  This should include not only the inside of the ductwork, but all the components as well including registers, heat exchangers, grilles, the blower motor, and more.

Be certain to ask how the company performs its cleaning.  Their process should not include any sealants, disinfectants, or any other chemicals.  The whole point of duct cleaning is to remove dangerous air particles, not add them.  Also, ask them if the process they use employs a negative air machine or that the cleaning is done under negative pressure. You want to make sure the cleaning company uses this type of process because it reduces the mess outside of your ductwork during the cleaning process. You should also ask if the vacuum that they use employs a HEPA filter in order to diminish allergens in the air during the process as well. 

Hire the Right Company for Duct Cleaning in Lacey

Many other types of home service companies offer duct cleaning as part of a package.  For example, carpet cleaning companies will often say that they can also clean out your ductwork as well.  Don’t be fooled.  It is of utmost importance to hire a team that is qualified to perform this task.  There is specific equipment that must be used and certain safety steps that must be followed.  Duct cleaning is not a simple job and must be completed by a trained professional.

It is best to check reviews and references for each company you are considering to make sure the majority of customers were pleased with their experience.  It is also a good idea to view the company’s rating on the Better Business Bureau.  You should always speak to at least two or three different outfits and get quotes from each so you can compare what services they offer, how they complete the job, and what each charges for their services.  This way you have all the information you need in order to hire the best company to conduct your duct cleaning Lacey.

Avoid Duct Cleaning in Lacey Scams

Red triangle with a black exclamation mark with SCAM in black font to warn homeowners of bad businesses in the industry of duct cleaning in Lacey

Homeowners should exercise caution when considering offers for duct cleaning in Lacey services. This industry is a common target for scams. Scammers often lure customers with low-priced deals, claiming improvements in air quality or energy savings. However, these deceptive tactics can result in shoddy service, unnecessary work, and even identity theft.

One prevalent scam involves unsolicited calls or door-to-door salespeople offering duct cleaning services at exceptionally low prices. These scammers typically claim that your air ducts are contaminated with harmful substances like mold or vermin, using scare tactics to prompt an immediate decision. They may perform a cursory cleaning or no cleaning at all, only to disappear once payment is made. Legitimate businesses provide detailed inspections and written estimates.

Additionally, fraudulent duct cleaners insist that your HVAC system is urgently in need of expensive repairs or upgrades. This bait-and-switch tactic not only costs you more but also leads to damage to your system if the work is unnecessary or done improperly. To protect yourself, always ask for credentials and check references. A reputable service provider should be certified by an industry-recognized body, such as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Homeowners should also be wary of companies that offer deals that seem too good to be true. Before hiring any duct cleaning service, do your homework. Research the company online, read reviews, and check with the BBB to see if there are any complaints about the business. Always get multiple estimates and never agree to any service on the spot. Remember, a genuine professional will allow you the time to make an informed decision without undue pressure.

By being vigilant and informed, homeowners can avoid falling victim to duct cleaning scams and ensure that they hire legitimate professionals who will do the job right and at a fair price.

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