Search Homes for Sale in Brick NJ if You Love Community

Aerial view of homes for sale in Brick NJ

Some towns barely hold one parade for the town a year. For some people, that is what exactly what they’re looking for. A quiet town without a lot to do. If, however, this sounds like the opposite of you, consider checking out Brick New Jersey. This town in the Jersey shore area has tons of parks and playgrounds and holds multiple town events every year. In addition to all of this, the government of Brick Township includes numerous programs, clubs, and committees aimed at beautifying and improving the community. Even though this township is one of the biggest in Ocean County, it has all the small-town qualities many people and families are looking for. If you’ve been searching for the perfect town that loves its community, search homes for sale in Brick NJ.  

Parks and Playgrounds are Available for Everyone

For anyone that loves to spend time outside, Brick has 20 parks, playgrounds, trail systems, and other outdoor areas. These outdoor spaces include sports fields, beaches, gazebos, boat slips, exercise stations, and more. Families that want to spend the day with the kids getting some fresh air while playing, over half of these locations include playground equipment for children. There are soccer fields, baseball fields, pickleball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, and even a skate park. Prefer to have your fun closer to the water? No worries if you’re in Brick. You can visit one of the towns two beaches, take your boat out on the water, or you can stay on land and still enjoy fishing and crabbing at a number of the town parks. No matter what you want to do outside, you can do it in Brick.

Community Events Happen Often in Brick NJ

When it comes to community fun, Brick has it down. If you love community events, street fairs, and the like, we’d recommend starting your search for homes for sale in Brick NJ today. One of the most popular events that takes place in Brick is called Summerfest. This is a series of concerts each followed by fireworks. Also included are food carts and a beer and wine garden. Plus, you don’t have to worry about parking miles away because the town offers a shuttle service to and from multiple locations.

Fresh fruit, delicious homemade treats, quality landscaping items, and even pet treats are available every Saturday from May through September. Admission to the farmers market is always free. With almost 60 vendors, you can always find something delicious to enjoy or that perfect addition for your home.

Search Homes for Sale in Brick NJ if You Love Community

True community is more than large gatherings. Real community is about support, security, and progress. Yet again, Brick has this covered in so many ways.

There are a variety of childhood programs including parent and me classes up to pre-kindergarten classes taught by early childhood teachers. All classes are free and are held in the Recreation Department’s Early Childhood Center.

In addition to supporting the young population, Brick residents live in a town that cares about its trees. Brick established the Shade Tree Commission back in 1972. These community members protect and advocate for the town’s trees and resources.

Building on enjoying the outdoors, the bicycle and pedestrian program wants more people walking and biking through town. Their other primary goal is to increase the safety of those that are doing so. Part of the program is establishing a bike path that connects the neighborhoods with each other and with the shops and restaurants.

For those using the bike path to access shopping plazas, residents can take advantage of the Buy in Brick Property Tax Rewards Card Program. Started in 2014, it encourages residents to buy local buy offering credits towards tax bills when shopping at participating businesses. The cards are free for residents so there is no reason not to use it!

Aerial view of homes for sale in Brick NJ

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