The 5 Best Locations for Your Home Security Cameras

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It goes without saying that you want to protect yourself and your family from harm. It also goes without saying that you want to protect your hard-earned property from thieves, too. So how do you go about doing it?

With affordable home security cameras. That much is obvious. So now the question is, where do you place them to get the most out of your investment? Here are five key locations you should consider:

1) Front Door

Studies show that an estimated 34 percent of break ins happen right at the front door, so covering this all-important spot is never a bad idea. If possible, place it at the second floor level to prevent thieves from being able to disable the camera. If it’s visible, that’s fine, as it could serve as a deterrent. If you keep it visible, consider protecting it with wire mesh.

2) Back Door

It may be surprising that the back door is less frequently a target for burglary than the front door, but it’s true. The back door ends up being the entry point of a break in 22 percent of the time. That still accounts for a quarter of all break ins, however, which means it’s a good place to cover with a security camera. As always, try to keep your IP cameras NJ out of reach so they can’t be tampered with. Also consider an all weather camera to protect it year round.

3) Off- Street Windows

If you live at street level and have windows that are not on the street – perhaps an alley or back windows – this is a place you may need added protection, especially in a busy urban environment. Off-street windows are locations where burglars feel they can work out of sight and away from prying eyes. It should go without saying, then, that these are areas you’ll want to cover to give yourself added protection from break ins. The same rules for IP cameras NJ outlined above apply.

4) Backyard or Side Gate

Entrances to your back yard or side yard are also entrances to the kind of secure, private locations that criminals love to scope out and use when they are considering which homes to break into. They also love back yards because they may contain expensive items that don’t even require a break in, like high end yard tools, toys, and so on. Consider using a motion-sensitive light here to ward people off. If need be, add IP cameras NJ.

5) Basement Stairs

Here’s another prime spot for break ins and a place where you can be victimized if you’re not careful. The basement is a great way into your house and may itself contain valuables. This is another good area to cover with motion sensitive lighting. One flash of light and most criminals will give up. If they don’t, a little camera coverage here can go a long way.

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