Tree Service in Ocean County Planning Tips & Tricks

Almost every home located in a suburban type location has at least one tree in the yard. For lucky homeowners, there are many more. For some, having too many trees detracts from the value of the home and we can understand why. When trees are left to grow with no intervention or care, they can overtake a yard and destroy a landscape. However, with proper planning and appropriate care, trees provide people, property and the environment with so many benefits. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks from companies who provide tree service to help homeowners better care for their trees.  The better condition trees are in, the more advantageous they are. If you are in need of professional tree service in Ocean County, contact Ben Bivins Tree Experts. They provide a full spectrum of tree related services for Ocean and Monmouth County including tree trimming, pruning and removal.

Planning can be Part of Tree Service in Ocean County

Planting the right trees in the right spots can make all the difference to the extent of the benefits provided. Some trees, Dogwoods for example, prefer to be under the canopy of other trees. If you attempt to plant one in the middle of your front yard with no cover, it can be very difficult for that tree to thrive. Additionally, the right trees in the right spots can provide weather relief such as windbreaks and shade. The proper shading of a home with deciduous trees can help cut energy bills. A large deciduous tree planted on the west side will shade a home during the summer, but also allows the sun through the bare branches in winter.  Using the same shading effect, planting shrubs around your air conditioner can increase its efficiency. Don’t plant them too close however, or they can block air flow and have the opposite effect.

The Proper Care of Trees is Important

Tree service in Ocean County being performed-removing a large limb by climber with a chainsaw

Many people do not consider that the trees on their property require care. Mature trees seemingly take care of themselves. The opposite is in fact true. As trees grow, they need regular maintenance to keep them as strong as possible. A healthier tree is better able to fend off diseases and pests. In addition to that, they are physically stronger keeping you and your property safe from injury and damage. Using proper pruning techniques and only taking the right amount is critical. Professional tree service experts know exactly what to cut and where. In addition to that, knowing which care services are best performed during certain times of year has a big impact on tree health.

Avoiding Improper Tree Care is Just as Critical

Just as too little care has negative effects on trees, too much intervention can also have negative impacts on your tree health. Improper and meager care can leave trees in a weakened state. This means they are much less able to defend themselves against ailments. Over trimming is a common practice that results in a weaker tree. As tempting as it can be to take a large number of limbs off of a tree at one time, it can make a tree too weak to recover. The same is true for a technique called topping. This operation removes a large portion of a trees crown all at once. This much destruction is often too much for the tree to overcome. Removing more than 25% of a trees leaves/branches can result in tree death. It also causes an excessive growth of weak, brittle branches.

What Does Tree Service in Ocean County Include?

Professional tree service in Ocean County can include the proper completion of jobs such as pruning, trimming, tree removal, and emergency services. Neglecting the more minor services like pruning can ultimately lead to the need to remove the tree. With a visit from an experienced tree company every couple of years, your trees can grow large, gorgeous, and strong. Improper planning and incorrect planting often result in property damage from invasive roots and falling limbs. If you are considering adding trees to your property, consult a professional first. They can help you select the right trees for the right locations so you enjoy the maximum benefits. After you have your trees properly planted, don’t neglect them. They require care just as any other plant would. Expert tree services in Ocean County help keep trees healthy, beautiful, and safe.

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