Understanding the House Moving Process

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Structural Solutions of NJ is an Expert House Moving Company

NEW JERSEY – Shawn Yesko has moved a lot of houses in his day. As the owner at Structural Solutions, a firm that is considered an expert house mover NJ (as well as house lifts), he has been involved in more projects than he can count.

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to move a home or structure, They’ve moved someone’s dream house to their dream property, they’ve helped save historic homes, and everything in between.

Most people have seen homes being moved on television, or may have even seen a home slowly rolling down the road at some point, but few people know how the entire process works.

“It’s a lot more involved than just jacking up a house, putting it on a truck, and then bringing it to its new location,” a contractor said. “Every step requires careful planning for a safe move.”

It all begins like anything else begins in New Jersey: with paperwork. A New Jersey house mover must contend with a wealth of permits, inspections, and more just to ensure the home can actually be moved. In most cases, your NJ house mover can help you with much of this paperwork.

The next phase is the planning phase (though this will often overlap with the paperwork phase). Engineering work will have to be done, blueprints drawn up, site plans and more. This is also the step during which final costs are calculated and the structure’s route to its new location is determined.

Both the size of the structure, including its weight, as well as any obstacles they’ll have to contend with when moving it to its new location factor into the cost of the project. It’s important for us to plan the project carefully, from start to finish. This not only allows their clients to make informed decisions about their project, it ensures that the move will be efficient and safe.

Comparatively speaking, in some ways the move is the easy part. That is when Structural Solutions puts their specialized skills to work. In order to move a home, utilities must be disconnected, outside structures like porches and decks must be disassembled, some nearby trees have to be removed or trimmed, and so on.

The house will then be lifted using a carefully coordinated multi-jack system designed to maintain the structural integrity of the house. Along the route, trees may have to be trimmed, streets signs temporarily moved, power and utility lines lifted out of the way, and other obstacles dealt with. In some cases, utility poles may even have to be moved. With the cooperation of the municipalities through which the structure will travel, however, most of this becomes fairly routine.

While it’s the most spectacular part of a house move, it’s also the easiest part of all.

Once at the home’s new location, it will remain jacked up while a new foundation is constructed, among other work. Finally, the house is set into place, utilities are hooked up, and final preparations are made.

It often surprises people just how easy the process is. If they’re going to surprise someone, that’s the kind of surprise they want to give them.

Structural Solutions, Inc. has offices in Toms River and operates throughout the Garden State.

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